Create your dream foxridge home at DesignQ

One of the most exciting yet most nerve-racking stages in building your dream home – your designQ appointment! We’ve all been saving to our Pinterest dream boards since 2009 and now it’s time for that board to come to life.

The Qualico design centre offers 4,000 sqaure feet of space with products that are exclusive to Qualico for both your exterior and interior selections. There are three display kitchens to help give you some inspiration and ideas on the possibilities of what you can do with your space.

As a Foxridge client, you get a total of seven hours in the designQ. Our designer will reach out to you to schedule your first appointment. Here, you’ll make the selections for the exterior of your home based on the model you choose – this may include stucco, siding, masonry, shingles, hardboard, etc. This appointment will take approximately one out of the seven hours.

One your home’s exterior selections are chosen, they will then be sent off for architectural approval – this means the developer approves your colour selections and front exterior based on your lot. This is so you don’t have the same house next to you or across from you, and ensures a stunning curb appeal is maintained to fit in with the neighboring homes.

Your second appointment is with Superior Cabinets. You will be put in touch with your very own kitchen designer who will help you plan your space and pick which appliances are best. Superior Cabinets has a brand new showroom on Henderson Highway to welcome you and build your dream kitchen.

Now, for your third appointment, you’ll be back to designQ. During this appointment you will pick the rest of the finishes for your kitchen including door style, colours, plumbing, hardware, as well as the finishes for the rest of your home. You’ll have six hours to browse, work with our designer, and make your choices. If necessary, you can request this be broken up over two days. We recommend having these appointments close together so that your mind is still in the space and nothing is left forgotten from the previous appointment.

Tips & Tricks

Don’t second guess yourself – there’s a reason you were drawn to the finishes you chose. You liked them at first, you will always love them. This is your home, only your opinion matters.

Bring inspiration! An obvious one but a key one – print out photos, create a mood board, and have your Pinterest board ready. There are a few online resources you can use to create a mood board so you can see certain colours/materials together, plan out which furniture you want to buy, and how you want to complete your space.

Take pictures of your selections once they are chosen. This way, when you get your pricing quote back, you’ll be able to visualize and determine what is what.

Consider any upgrades/customizations you want to add and talk to your sales representative about the possibilities.

Think about your current space, your family and friend’s spaces, and figure out what works and what doesn’t work, what you like and don’t like, what you would change or keep and work from there.

This is one of the most exciting times of your life with one of your largest investments – have fun with it! Find inspiration everywhere around you and trust yourself. Our certified designers are here to help you and guide you along your entire journey. You can see our homeowner’s homes in our gallery and see the craftsmanship Foxridge offers. Tour through our show homes to get a feel for it. Contact our sales representatives today to start building your dream home.