The Foxridge Design Centre

National Brands

We believe that your appliances, mechanical systems, finishes, hardware, floors, doors and windows equally contribute to the benefits and enjoyment of your custom home. Qualico leverages our reputation and buying power across North America to ensure that your new custom home incorporates only the most reputable national brands, thoughtfully designed and manufactured by companies whose values, performance and warranties align with our rigorous standards, and your elevated expectations. 

Energy Efficient 

Foxridge Homes leads the way in providing conscientious home buyers with the most energy efficient advancements, ensuring that your home is the most environmentally friendly home on the street. Walk through one of our homes and let us show you the many (and often unseen) ways we’ve incorporated more advanced, energy-efficient features. Together we can achieve the ideal in becoming environmentally and socially responsible. 

Access to Custom Lots

If you don’t already have the ideal piece of land on hand, as a chosen and reputable custom builder, Foxridge Homes has access to a carefully-curated, exclusive selection of lots in Winnipeg’s (and the surrounding areas’) most appealing new neighbourhoods. Custom lots are special because of their size, shape, ideal location within the community. Depending upon the community they’re set within, some custom lots may also offer access to attractive landscape features such as naturalized wetlands, varying elevations, the ability to create walk-out basements, and even river access. 

Qualico Head Office - Winnipeg, MB

A Qualico Company

We’re a proud member of the Qualico family, one of Western Canada’s largest, fully-integrated, privately owned real estate companies. From its roots in Winnipeg, for more than 60 years, Qualico has welcomed thousands of families home by building to a higher standard and developing special communities where people can live a life that is active, connected, and provides plenty of opportunities to be true to their nature

Home Warranty

Every new home in Manitoba comes with a new home warranty. Foxridge Homes goes the extra mile to provide you with a comprehensive warranty program designed to protect you, your family, and your investment for the lifetime of your home. The Foxridge Home Warranty program includes a team of specialists, on call to answer questions, quickly address any issues, and ensure that the level of service you receive matches the respect you’ve earned and the quality and standards you expect from your custom Foxridge Home. 

Unique Financing Options 

We understand that your home is often a significant part of your net worth and financial equity. As part of Qualico, we have the flexibility to offer unrivaled financing options that address the expanded custom home-building timeline, helping you to bridge the gap between the sale of your existing home and your new home possession date. Our team can work creatively to customize a financing solution that works specifically for you.